Take control of YOUR Smartphone Privacy

fFace Smartphone App.
Share your passcode to anyone with confidence.

Our App allows unique passcodes to be created that will

Close other apps

Will close any applications which were in the foreground when the screen was locked.

Delete Sensitive Data

Deletes Call log, SMS messages, file folders and applications as selected in configuration options

Perform Factory Reset

Performs a factory reset when the situation demands it

Privacy Concerns

Our smartphone is a device we carry with us at all times. We use it for calling, texting, emailing and much more. Many of us have our entire personal life on our phones.

This can have a potential embarrassing or very negative impact when we find ourselves in situations where its in our best interest to give someone access to our phone… or else they will assume we are hiding something. In these situations, we don’t have enough time to manually delete those items we do not wish to share or be shared.

In addition, while the courts are still trying to decide your right to privacy, there are some entities that are exceeding their authority in demanding access to our property without a warrant or good reason. It has unfortunately become the norm that Smartphone users are being detained or even arrested simply because they don’t want to provide access to their phone.

We created fFace to enable smartphone users the ability to give their phone to any individual and allow that individual access to the phone… with the security that they won’t find or see anything.

Simply provide the individual with one of five unique passcodes that will delete specific information from your phone. Depending on the situation, you can even have them unknowingly perform a factory reset by simply entering a particular passcode.

fFace is available for download from the google play store. But you will need an update to the app to enable deletion to the call log. Due to recent changes to Google Play permission policies, app developers can only post apps that have phone calling capability features to access the call logs. Currently, Google Play does not provide support for posting unique apps such as ours.

About Our App

fFace – ServiceMGR is a privacy application which helps to protect you from potentially embarrassing situations. This small but powerful tool allows you to remove call logs, text messages, files, uninstall applications as well as clear browser history depending on which one of 5 passcodes is entered. fFace-ServiceMGR can help save you from embarrassing moments with family, friends, employers or any other person or entity wanting access to your device.

Now you can give them the passcode YOU DECIDE. No conflict, no drama, no legal threats. It is your device, your data, your right to stay in control!

App Functions

Our App allows you to create 5 unique Passcodes that you can provide upon request. You decide which Passcode to provide based on the nature of the situation. When entered, the unique Passcode will perform one of the following functions below.

Passcode for Screen Unlock

Screen unlock
Allows normal access to the device
Close other apps (root required)
Will close any applications which were in the foreground when the screen was locked.

Passcode for Call Log and SMS

Call log and SMS deletion
Deletes call log entries
Deletes SMS

Passcode for Folders, Apps & Browsing data

Folder deletion
Deletes any file folder selected
Apps deletion (root required)
Uninstalls any selected application
Clear browser data (root required)
Clears all browser history and data

Passcode for Global deletion

Global deletion
Deletes Call log, SMS messages, file folders and applications as selected in above functions

Factory resets the phone
The following functions work when any feature other than screen unlock is executed

Send text message
Will send a text message letting a 3rd party know your phone has executed one of the Passcodes above

Executes only when maximum number of password attempts is exceed

Take photo
This function will take a picture with the forward camera if too many passcode attempts have been entered. The picture is saved to the device so you know who was trying to access your device.

Passcode for Factory Rest

Factory Reset
Factory resets the phone

Hide Feature removes icon from Android Device

Hide feature removes fFace ServiceMGR icon from device. It can be restored by entering the screen unlock password in the device dial pad and hitting send.

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Marana, Arizona 85653


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